Ingress what do portal shields do

Feby 21, 2020
ingress what do portal shields do

ingress what do portal shields do

Portal shields are portal mods used to help defend portals from XMP attacks.They enhance the mitigation stats of a portal where they are deployed. You can deploy up to 4 shields on one portal. When deployed you will see them as an energy dome around the portal.

No more AP love for deploying portal shields. Instead of getting 150 AP per shield that you deploy, now you don’t get any AP at all. This change probably happened because of the Zipcar passcode flood. Lot of players got 1000+ portal shields and just by deploying them they could gain 150 000 AP, this was an issue and it seems that is resolved now.

To add a portal shield to a friendly portal, select the portal and then select "Upgrade Portal" (you must be within range to do this - it can not be done remotely). On the upgrade portal screen, there are 4 empty boxes across the top (presuming the portal doesn't already have shields on it).

A portal with 4 VR shields and with 10 links has 66 100 180 260 300 mitigation, BUT reduces only 95% damage. The extra shields have only the meaning of reserves, when some get destroyed. It is wise to support shielded portal's defense with links. The % damage reduction in …

 · It's really random from what I've noticed. And lower level bursters (especially L1-L3) don't do much for shield popping. I've only ever had shields pop quickly with L4+ bursters. And this was at extreme range to avoid the portal lightning. But it seems the best tactic is indeed to attack from afar.

Hi, I'm playing for 3 weeks now, I'm level 3 and read things about different stories and strategies of people. But there's one thing I still have...

Many people do not have enough time to farm, and it is much easier to buy ingress XMP bursters or Portal Shields than to get it in the gameplay. Actually for agents engaged in gameplay in their free time from work and study. Do not waste your time if you want to truly enjoy the world of Ingress Prime Game without prejudice to family, work and ...

The Force Amplifier, referenced in-game as the Force Amp, is a Portal Mod. It multiplies the damage inflicted by the equipped Portal. Like Turrets, all Force Amps have the Rare rarity level, however, they have 0 stickiness, while turrets have 20. Community studies suggest that the item's drop rate is approximately 1 in 500 item rolls.

With the new levels of shields available as of 3 June 2013, is there an indication of how much protection each shield will give a portal? Similarly, do they contribute to the XM drain on the attacker in any way?

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